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March 19, 2012

Vital Online Tax Resources for Small Businesses    Author: Admin

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2006Simple questions are often the most difficult to answer. Or so it seems when dealing with the government. Small businesses have enough to worry about around tax time without having to struggle to find the information they desperately need. So, we have done much of the work for you.Below you’ll find a list of valuable online tax resources every small business should bookmark. You’ll find they put a world of information right at your fingertips. They also offer contact information for agencies you may need to deal with directly.New York State Department of Taxation and Finance – – New York state residents can easily pay their taxes online via this secure site. By clicking the links at the top of the page, you can also print forms and find contact information for customer service. If you don’t live in New York State, you can find out if your state offers the same type of program by typing “pay [name of your state] state tax online” (without quote marks or brackets) into your favorite search engine. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System – – Tired of having to take your federal tax deposits to the bank? You can save yourself a lot of time by signing up for an online payment account. It only takes a few minutes to arrange, and then you will be able to remit federal tax payments online instead of at your local bank branch.Social Security Administration – – Definitely a site to bookmark! Here you can get detailed information about the Social Security program, calculate your estimated retirement or disability benefits, access great info about the Social Security Administration which allows you to calculate your social security benefits, apply for benefits, print forms and publications and more. Employers can verify a worker’s SSN, contact the Administration directly and get other types of help.University of the State of New York, State Education Department – http:usny.nysed.govprofessionals – Did you know the state of New York requires acupuncturists, landscapers and midwives to be licensed? They do! Those, along with many other professionals, are required to apply for and receive a license prior to performing work. On this site you can find out which professions should be licensed and which specific businesses hold valid licenses. Tax Almanac – http:www.taxalmanac.orgindex.phpMain_Page – This free online tax resource consists of an open community, including a discussion forum, a current-events page and updates on recent tax changes. An excellent resource for small businesses.When you know where to find the information you’re seeking, staying up to date with your payroll, quarterly, annual and other taxes is much easier. These sites will give you a wonderful start to finding answers to your questions, plus forms and resources to help ensure your tax liabilities are met with the least amount of frustration possible.

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