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December 27, 2010

Learn How Entrepreneurs Make Millions    Author: Admin

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There are three basic ways of earning money which include trading time for money, trading money for money and trading expertisevalue for money.

Society and the formal education system promote the first method of earning money which involves trading time for money. In other words, you work for someone else for a specific amount of time and then they pay you. Working for someone else drains your energy and you dont make much money.

The second way to earn money is utilized by a small portion of the population and involves trading money for money. In other words, you are earning money through investing. Investing can be risky because if you lack additional funds then how can you invest any money in the first place? Therefore, many people cant even try this option because they only have enough money to pay their bills.

The third way to earn money is the best option. This entrepreneurial option involves trading expertisevalue for money. This is the strategy of entrepreneurial experts. You have a flexible schedule, work less, and earn more. You can make thousands of pounds a day in this option.

In order to earn money through trading expertisevalue for money you need to first figure out who you are and what you can give to others. What information do you know that could help others? You can find value from previous work experience or even from your hobbies. From this you can create your intellectual property.

What is Intellectual property? How big is the market for Intellectual property? Is there room for you in the Intellectual property market? These may be a few of the questions you have when you are investigating the information marketing business. First of all, anyone can create intellectual property. You dont need to be a Rocket Scientist. You just need to have an area or expertise, or access to an expert, and a drive to succeed.

Intellectual property combines e-commerce and book publishing. For example, you can write and sell an eBook. Recent research has found that approximately 6 out of every 10 American adults surf the Internet on a daily basis seeking out entertainment, education, and to shop for products. People are more comfortable buying online then in the past. The market through the Internet is global and encompasses millions of people. Therefore, the information marketing business has room for everyone!

When you market on the Internet, you market to your niche. Therefore, you dont have to worry whether or not your neighbor will want to buy your product. The Internet opens the niche market for you.

If creating and selling intellectual property on the Internet is so simple, why isnt everyone doing this? The formal educational system and previous societal beliefs are to blame. In school, we are taught to finish school and then become an employee at a company. The entrepreneurial spirit is not promoted; in fact it is almost shunned.

Dont let societal beliefs stop you. The intellectual property market is wide, diverse, and ready to fill your pocket book with cash.

Small-Business Owners See Benefits of Banking Online    Author: Admin

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As it becomes easier and more convenient to bank online, small-business owners are increasingly turning to Internet banks to alleviate some of their financial headaches.

Internet-based banks like NetBank are giving traditional banks some fierce competition as more small businesses make the shift to online banking.

“We are extremely pleased with the success of our small-business banking initiative,” said Douglas K. Freeman, chairman and chief executive officer of NetBank Inc. “More and more, small businesses are embracing the Internet and using it to do business better, faster, cheaper.”

Some of the ways in which NetBank makes it easy for small businesses to bank online include providing dedicated relationship managers to each of its clients; a dedicated customer care unit trained to handle the customer’s small-business needs; enhanced account administration features allowing multiple users with different access levels; and a remote deposit system that allows customers to deposit checks into their accounts without leaving the office.

“Small business banking is a natural extension of our services and it represents an excellent growth opportunity for us,” said Bert Davis, director of small business banking for NetBank. “We can provide tremendous value from both a customer service and pricing standpoint, and that’s not something a large number of small-business customers are finding today.”

In addition, NetBank has teamed with Wall Financial Services to provide Web-based accounts receivable lines of credit.

NetBank is also working with MBNA to issue no annual-fee credit cards with a credit line of up to 100,000, while forming a partnership with CompuPay to offer specialized payroll services for small businesses.

Indeed, banking online has streamlined virtually every banking task facing a small-business owner.

“Our own research shows that small-business owners across the country say the Internet is either somewhat important or very important to their business,” Freeman said.

December 20, 2010

Keys to Successful Online Entrepreneurship    Author: Admin

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Many people think operating an online business is good idea to make some extra money or to provide them with a way to work anywhere they want. An online business can be a very lucrative way to make money. A online business can provide you with more income and more freedom with your time.

The key to having a successful online business is to find one that you believe in and that suits your style. For instance, if you don’t like selling things or contacting people face to face or by phone, then you probably need to choose a online business that does not require these things. If the online business is selling a product that you, yourself would not use, or don’t believe in, then it makes it very difficult to make a believable presentation to others.

A online business is not going to run by itself, either. Most successful online business entrepreneurs would tell you that their online business got to be successful by working at it, putting in the time and the energy to make it a success. There is no online business that does not require some work. There are, however, some that do not require a large financial investment by you.

The best way to find the perfect online business for you is to do some research about the many different online businesses out there. This way, you can feel confident that you have chosen a online business that you will be good at and will generate the income you are hoping for.

Small Business Credit Cards For More Successful Businesses    Author: Admin

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Small business credit cards are credit instruments that cater specifically to the needs of small businesses. They are like your normal credit card except for some changes in interest rates and features which are optimized for use by small businesses. They are very useful for small businesses that desire to streamline their finances and access extra credit.

The numbers of small businesses that use these cards are ever-growing. A recent report shows that 66% of small businesses use these cards for purchasing and financing. Forty percent of this number use their exclusively use credit cards for their payments. But why should a business apply for one? Are there any benefits that merit application for such a card? There are many advantages. Some of them will be outlined below.

For one, these cards allow a business to get hold of good credit. Good credit is the use of borrowed finances to generate more cash. In effect, the act of borrowing actually results in the company earning more. A small business credit card allows for this. The business then is able to keep hold of finances for other reasons: investing for interest, for profit, or other needs the business may have for cold cash. They can pay in easy installments that will not dent the financial capability of the business. They can also pay when they are capable of paying.

Another advantage of using small business credit cards is the fact that they help make bookkeeping easier. Instead of keeping a journal of all transactions and receipts, one can have the credit card company send an itemized list of purchases made using their credit card. This allows for better bookkeeping and better accounting. Lost receipts and undocumented expenses can be avoided. This helps the business make more accurate financial reports.

Small business credit cards also allow businesses to build up their credit limit. Small businesses will typically need capital for new equipment, or to expand their business. A good credit limit will allow small business to access credit that would otherwise be inaccessible to small businesses. Bigger capital opens up the possibility of greater profits.

These cards also offer the option of limiting one businesss spending. This would be very useful for a business that is keeping a tight watch over its finances.

Small business cards are quickly becoming an efficient way to increase buying power and capital. With these advantages, it may soon be that small businesses will regard these small business credit cards as a necessity.

Small Businesses: Tips for Competing with Larger Businesses    Author: Admin

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Are you a small business owner? If you are, you will likely face a large amount of competition from others; others who may be larger than you and others who may have more resources at hand than you do. Although it may seem as if you are at a disadvantage because your business is a small business, it doesnt have to be that way. There are a number of different ways that you can make sure that your business is able to successfully compete with your competition, even your competition that may include large, national companies.

When it comes to competing with your larger competitors, it is important that you remember exactly what you are, a small business. This automatically makes you unique right away. Each year, a large number of small business owners end up closing their doors. While this may not sound promising to you, it should give you a little bit of hope. There are actually a large number of consumers who like doing business with small businesses, just like you. In fact, some prefer to do business with them. The less competition you have from other small businesses, the greater your chances are of staying profitable and in business are.

While you may not necessarily be able to control the competition that you do and do not have, one thing that you can control is your businesss public perception. For instance, if you were to run a pet supply store or a clothing store, there are a number of other businesses where your customers could go to buy the same products at, like a large department store. To prevent that from happening, you want to give your customers a reason to come to your store, as well as reason to keep on coming back. The first step is to make sure that your establishment is well-kept and always clean. You will want to pickup your sales floor, if your business has one, each and every day, dust, mop the floors, and keep all of your entranceways cleans. To many consumers, nothing is more unappealing that a dirty business.

In addition to making sure that your establishment is well-kept and always clean, you need to examine the type of service that you and your employees provide your customers with. Most small businesses are known for their personal feel. When it comes to doing business with a small business, there are customers who want to feel like they are known by name, even if they arent actually, or feel like they can stop and talk with you and your employees about nothing in particular, like the weather, just because. This is what will essentially set your business apart and make it easier to compete with larger businesses. Unfortunately, many of todays larger corporations have more of a focus on dont waste company time or money, than they do the customers. Making sure that all of your customers receive the best service available, as well as thank you every time, is the best way to compete and win against your larger competitors.

The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can make sure that your small business is running just as strong as the competition. Even if you run an online business, instead of storefront one, a personalized, friendly service is an important component of being successful. For additional methods that may help your business stay afloat, you may want to think about turning to your customers for suggestions. A simple suggestion box may give you insight into your customers, as well as their wants and their needs.

December 13, 2010

Is Your Teen An Entrepreneur?    Author: Admin

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Are you hoping you’ve got your own Bill Gates in the making in your home? As a parent you can probably tell pretty easily whether or not the entrepreneurial spirit is evident in your child. Some kids make it very obvious that the regular nine-to-five will not be a part of their future. For others, you might need to investigate a bit further to see.

Ask these simple questions about your teen to see if your teen has the entrepreneurial spirit. If your answer is “yes” to one or more, you probably do.

1. Does she ask what she can do to earn more allowance? Is she willing to take on jobs around the house instead of hanging out at the mall with her pals? Does she do her chores and work with vigor and excellence?

2. Did she have the best lemonade stand on the block? Did she go the extra mile to make sure that her stand was profitable and her product and service brought back customers over and over again?

3. Does she value flexibility and independence more than the sure thing of an hourly job? Does she make comments about wanting something “more” than just flipping burgers or selling pink t-shirts?

4. Does she work well on her own? In her free time is she thinking of other ways to make money or start a business? When you give her a job or chore around the house does she jump in and do it quickly and efficiently?

5. Is she a self-learner? ? Does she spend time researching and reading for her schoolwork and outside of that? Does she enjoy finding out more about how to use the computer to her advantage?

If, indeed, you do have a young entrepreneur budding in your midst, you might want to start her off now in a business of her own even now, before the college bills start piling up! It will serve her well now and in the future!

Small-Business Server Supports Telecommuters    Author: Admin

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More Americans are showing they can get their jobs done from just about anywhere outside the office. And as some businesses expand in size and geographic scope, they are finding new technology to help employees who telecommute.

About 45 million Americans are working from home, according to a survey conducted by ITAC, a telework advisory group. The survey also found that out of 135.4 million workers, 20.6 million conducted work in their car and 16.3 million worked while on vacation.

By installing a server with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Small Business Server 2003 software on it, businesses can store all of its documents, e-mail messages, calendars and images in one location. Additionally, employees can remotely access all company documents as well as programs and data on their desktop – from anywhere in the world. With a server, mobile devices such as Smartphones and Personal Digital Assistants also can connect users to e-mail, scheduling software and other programs as though they were working at their desks.

A small-business server can help increase a company’s productivity and efficiency by allowing a specialized computer to perform services and run software for other computers, or “clients,” on its network.

For the millions of Americans who need to work when away from their office, Windows Small Business Server 2003 offers a solution that includes Remote Web Workplace. This application allows employees to access anything on their work desktop from any PC in the world that has Internet access.

Many employees who work in a business without a server can’t be very productive. They’re also unable to back up their data or prevent unauthorized users from accessing their computers, all common problems small businesses experience that server software can prevent. Later this year, Microsoft plans to launch a new release, Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2, which will include even more advanced security features.

The ITAC survey also found that during the past year, the number of employee telecommuters increased by 30 percent. As this trend continues, so will the need for integrated solutions such as small-business servers.

Whether or not their employees telecommute, companies are realizing the benefits of using small-business servers to streamline processes and decrease costs.

Small Business Owners: Why the Level of Service Offered    Author: Admin

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Small Business Owners: Why the Level of Service Offered Can either Make or Break Your Business

Are you a small business owner? If you are, the type of business that you run isnt necessarily as important as the level of service that your customers receive. Although this is actually a point that is difficult for some to understand, especially the owners of larger nationally operated corporations; you are advised not to forget this important point. After all, the level of service that your customers receive when doing business with you may actually end up making or breaking your small business.

When it comes to understanding the importance of good customer service, there are many small business owners who wonder why it is so important; why such a large focus should be placed on it. In all honesty, without trying to come across too harsh, if you dont already know the importance of customer services, especially when it comes to running a small business, maybe you should rethink your decision to be a small business owner. Yes, it is really that simple. As a business owner, you need to remember that your customers are what keep your business doors open; they are the reason why you have food to put on your table each week, and the reason why you receive a paycheck. When you think about it like that, there is a lot that you owe your customers for, but many simply just want good service; good service that is actually hard to come by nowadays.

When making sure that your customers receive the best level of service possible, it is important that you make sure that you and all of your employees are all on the same page. You may want to think about holding monthly meetings to discuss the importance of customer service, just to make sure that it is always in the back of everyones mind. When discussing customer service with your employees, you will want to make sure that they smile at all times and always put on a happy face, no matter what their actual mood is like. It is also advised that they speak to their customers, even if it is just to ask about the weather. Also, asking customers if they need assistance is advised as well. As for closing a sale or a business deal, you will want to make sure that your employees thank their customers for doing business with them.

As nice as it is to make sure that you and your employees know what to say to all of your customers, it is also important that everyone knows why they need to do and say what they are being told. Whether you run an online business or a locally owned and operated business, you will likely have competition from a number of different businesses. This competition may have the same types of products or services available for sale as you do and possibly even for lower prices. This doesnt automatically mean that you will lose business; it just means that you have to work harder to get it. For many consumers, a good positive shopping experience is more than worth paying a few extra cents or even a few dollars more for a product or a service. It is important that you and your employees remember this, as it may give you an added incentive to be nice and pleasant when dealing with all of your customers.

As outlined above, how you treat your customers, especially if you are a small business owner, may have a significant impact on your business and the profits that it is able to make. It is important that you always remember that your business would essentially be nothing without your customers. That is why it is extremely important that you put them and their needs first. Surprisingly, not all businesses do this, so if you do, you may end up with an edge above the competition. Putting your customers first, especially by giving them the best level of service available, is a surefire way to make sure that your business will be around for years to come.

December 6, 2010

Internet Entrepreneurs Earning Big Commissions As Sports Betting Affiliates    Author: Admin

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The Internet is rife with opportunities in information and business. Entrepreneurs have utilised the relatively new medium to create businesses and earn themselves sizeable amounts of cash. For the regular user looking to earn money, there is seemingly no end of schemes to join. But few of these can match the potential earning power and ease of online sports betting affiliate programs. The online affiliate program offers all Internet users the opportunity to create their own demi-business from home. The simplicity is possibly the greatest thing about the affiliate program. There are only a few things that you need, a website, sign up to a sport betting affiliate program and then some space on your site to squeeze in a few advertisements. As with all simple business opportunities, it may appear too good to be true, but the fact is that affiliate programs produce result after result for hundreds of thousands of web users each and every year.

Affiliate programs are fundamentally a way for large websites to gain free advertising. Without having to pay any cash up front, the affiliate program works as a supply and demand enterprise. The demand is from the sport-betting site that requires new customers to keep generating new capital, and this is supplied by the thousands of affiliates. The affiliate program allows websites to spread their net to encompass a vast section of the Internet, without ever having to pay a penny. The affiliates are rewarded on delivery of a new fully paid up customer, as are the sports betting sites. The benefits for both parties speak for themselves. On the sports betting side, the site achieves a new customer and all of the profits and bonuses that arise from them. Whilst the affiliate generates between 20 and 35% of the players lifetime money generated for the betting site.

Affiliates with an entrepreneurial perspective cab easily generate a significant profit from their small business. With an affiliate earning up to 35% of a players total lifetime money, it does not take too long to amass a clientele that will generate a significant amount. Therefore if marketed right a site can start turning their revenue into extra revenue, by utilising profits and reinvesting in further advertising opportunities. Smaller businesses may not see the need to reinvest valuable revenue, but for those with a taste for entrepreneurial marketing the opportunities are there to make your site a big earner. It stands to reason that an affiliate stands a greater chance of attracting new customers to their clients external sites, if they can first attract more to their own site. The more people passing through the more likely somebody is to click on the advertising banners. Increasing a sites visibility is not always simple but there are a number of options available to website owners, with any budget. SEO documents, blog entries, forum posting and advertising through major search engines or other sites can all help lead valuable customers to your sites door. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for them to click the links and earn your business some serious revenue.

Small Business Owners: The Importance of Always Keeping an    Author: Admin

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Small Business Owners: The Importance of Always Keeping an Eye on Your Competition

Are you a small business owner? If you are, whether you run an online business or a storefront business, you will need to make sure that you keep an eye on your competition. After all, your competition and their success will actually have a huge impact on the success of your own business.

When it comes to keeping an eye on the competition, there are many small business owners who wonder why it is so important to do so. As it was previously mentioned, how your competitors runs their business will actually have an impact on your business. For instance, if you and your competitors sell the same type of exercise equipment, but one of your competitors is having a huge sale on their exercise equipment, you may notice a slight decrease in your sales for the week. That is why it is extremely important that you know exactly what all of your competitors are doing at all times. In all honesty, if your business is a profitable one, your competitors, even the large ones, are likely to keep tabs on you as well.

Above, sales were used as an example. You will want to make sure that you keep up-to-date on any sales that your competitors may be having. This is important because if you notice that one of your competitors is having a sale, especially on products that you also sell yourself, you may want to think about offering a similar sale. Of course, to protect your reputation and your respectability, you dont want to have the exact same sale, but a similar one should be okay. You should definitely use this approach if you are considered to a specialty store. With keeping with the above mentioned example of a sale on exercise equipment, if your specialty is just selling exercise equipment, a massive exercise equipment sale from your one of your competitors may seriously hurt your businesss sales, even if it is just temporarily.

If you run an online business you may want to check out your competitions websites and compare them to yours. Is your small businesss website just as attractive as your competition? Also, is it easy to navigate? If you know that one of your online competitors is having more success that you, you may want to try figuring out what they are doing right, as it may make it easier for you to figure out you are doing wrong. As with the above mentioned monitoring sales, you are advised against stealing ideas or web designs from your competitors. Actually, doing so could land you in hot water, as many businesses, especially large corporations, copyright their entire website content.

If you run a business that has a physical address, instead of a .com address, you will want to think about visiting the competition to check out the appearance of their establishments. If you are running a retail store, you will want to checkout other local retailers that can be considered your competition. You will to examine the cleanliness of the establishment in question, as well as the way that everything is set up, product wise. Many larger retailers have complex systems that are used to determine where products should be placed for sale in a store. Since you may not have the time or the knowledge to come up with these same results yourself, you may want to get some ideas from your comeptition; especially your competitors that you know are successful.

As outlined above, there a number of different ways that you can go about keeping on eye on your competition, as well as number of different reasons as to why you should do so. As long as you do it in style, you shouldnt cause any problems or raise any concerns. In fact, what you may learn from scouting out your competition may actually help make it easier for your business to be a successful, profitable one; one that will a tough competitor for years to come.

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