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July 26, 2010

Employee With Entrepreneur Mindsets    Author: Admin

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Although I am working as an employee, but I always try my best to adopt the entrepreneur mind set. It is important for an employee to think like an entrepreneur. This way, you program yourself to think out of the box. You will do more than an ordinary employee do. You will always do your best and be outstanding.

Recently I have come across a concept on earning 10000 in one hour. Dont be misunderstand, this is not to teach your how to earn 10000 in an hour. Rather this is a concept that we should adopt deep inside our mind. You see, normally we have the mindset of fix salary, simply because this is how we get our pay. This is especially true for employee. We are paid either hourly, weekly or monthly with a fix rate. For example we get paid 5000 per months, 20 per hours and so on. This has made our mindset fixed to what we get. For instance if we get paid 50 per hour, we are programmed to believe that what we do only worth 50 per hours. We like to get the pay regularly because we need the money to pay our bills. We are bound to the sense of security here because we get stabil income that enable us to live comfortably.

However this creates a problem where we totally neglect the possibility of earning more than that. We cannot believe that we are able to earn 10000 per month. But the fact is that there are plenty of ideas that allows us to earn more than 10000 per hours. We just need to conditions ourselves to be able sense and catch this type of opportunities. We need to have our minds open to be able to do this.

As an employee, I think a good strategy is to get a job, but at the same time try to look for opportunity and ideas that can generate big income. The point is not to limit ourself in the fix salary that we are getting now. Think of the fix salary an income that can be use to cover our daily expenses. At the same time, keep ourselves open to the opportunities or ideas that can make us rich.

While we are enjoying the regular income of 50 per hour from our job. Lets not ignore the posibility of earning more than 10000 per hour.

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